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onehappything's Journal

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objective: for one whole year, find at least one happy thing each day, and post about it. doesn't have to be the best thing, just something nice or funny or good.

just one happy thing.

then, if you like, you can post your happy thing in the comments
and then we'll have a world of happy.

invite your friends! all are welcome.

sometimes the happy thing will be in context, sometimes not.
sometimes a sentence,
sometimes a picture,
sometimes a word,
sometimes something deep,
sometimes something trite,
sometimes a quote,
sometimes a video,
but always,

something happy.

this is NOT an irritating gratitude journal.
this is a hilarity journal.
this is another experimental journal belonging to reqbat

*boom* birds take off, babies playing under scarves, bad vampire novels, canadian 80s music, chinese food burps, coronation street, crows following me, dancing like a loon, doing laundry, elvis and ann margaret, french fries, front page of etsy, happiness, hoop da hula hoop!, linda of fanny pack, lucite roses, murders of crows [sketches], new york city, non-painful writing processes, pink post office ladies, rainbow rugs, recycled corey hart, reheated leftover takeout lasagna, salem the cat, second hand bags, shamefully loving will ferrell, the mexican hat dance, the office, toy pianos in purses, tuxedo cats, winter geraniums